With the strongest experts from the 33 Skies the Human Emperor, Lin Ming, and his opponent, the Abyssal Demon King, were embroiled in a final battle. In the end, the Human Emperor destroyed the Abyssal World and killed the Abyssal Demon King. By then, a godly artifact, the mysterious purple card that had previously sealed the Abyssal Demon King, had long since disappeared into the space-time vortex, tunneling through infinite spacetime together with one of Lin Ming’s loved ones.

In the vast wilderness, where martial arts was still slowly growing in its infancy, several peerless masters tried to find their path in the world of martial arts. A young adult named Yi Yun from modern Earth unwittingly stumbles into such a world and begins his journey with a purple card of unknown origin. This is a magnificent yet unknown true martial world! This is the story of a normal young adult and his adventures!!

Lian Tribal Clan arc
Kingdom Selection arc
Divine Capital arc
Tai Ah Divine City arc
Rookie ranking competition arc
Desolate Heaven Master Arc
Divine Wilderness Arc
City Lord's Birthday Banquet
Tai Ah Divine Kingdom Calamity arc
Desolate Heaven Technique Tea Session arc
Great Empress Relic Trial arc
Great Empress Mystic Realm arc
Post-Great Empress Mystic Realm Arc
Blackstone Trials Arc
Tian Yuan World Disaster Arc
Divine Wilderness Escapade Arc
Black-armored Demon God Arc
12 Empyrean Heavens Arc
Pre-Luo Divine Hall Trials
Empress Luo's Banquet Arc
Luo Divine Hall Trials Arc
Alliance Challenger Arc
Disciple Recruitment Arc
Azure Wood Great World Arc
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